Dog Policy for Dale St Kitchen & Bar by Shino

At Dale St Kitchen & Bar by Shino, we love our four-legged friends and aim to create a welcoming environment for all our patrons, both two-legged and four. However, to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety, we have the following dog policy:

  1. Dog-Friendliness: We are a dog-friendly venue but reserve the right to admit dogs based on their size and behavior.
  2. Limitation on Number: Due to the compact size of our venue and in consideration of other guests with prams, suitcases, etc., we allow only one dog at a time. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.
  3. Leash Policy: Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times while in our premises.
  4. Seating Etiquette: Dogs must remain on the floor and are not permitted on the seats or tables. This ensures cleanliness and hygiene for all our guests.
  5. Behavioral Expectations: We ask all dog owners to ensure their pets are well-behaved during their stay. If a dog becomes too loud or displays disruptive behavior, we kindly ask the owner to depart promptly to defuse the situation.
  6. Respect for Other Patrons: We pride ourselves on offering a tranquil and enjoyable ambiance. Please ensure your dog’s behavior aligns with our environment, showing consideration for all clientele.

We look forward to serving both you and your furry friend! However, we do request your understanding and adherence to the above guidelines to ensure a pleasurable experience for everyone.

Thank you for your cooperation.